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Recruiting forest services llc


Recruiting NAFTA Qualifying Candidates 

We specialize in recruiting candidates from different professions through the NAFTA program.  If you company is in need of reliable candidates and is ready to expand horizons in search of the right employees, we can help. 


Our process has been carefully design to take each candidate through four important stages, where the candidate is screened and interviewed, before she or him is presented to you.  Our goal is to present to you the best qualifying candidates that possess not only the desired professional background but most important, we pay particular attention to their attitude and professionalism.   

All candidates go through Background and Drug Screening.  We offer assistance through the entire process, and complementary follow up.   For your convenience we offer multiple payment options.  We truly believe this program offers companies a unique opportunity to developed and maintained a reliable workforce.   

We offer recruiting services covering an ample range of industries like :

  • Forestry 

  • Horticulture

  • Agriculture 

  • Food Industry

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Engineering

  • Manufacturing 

  • Construction and Architecture

Please contact us for more information, we will be glad to see how we can assist fulfilling your needs.

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